Shore-end Cable Installation & Client Representation

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The core group of DCS Marine Services has the combined experience of over 120 years in the Marine Construction services industry, including submarine cable installation. Our management experience and full spectrum of capabilities enable us to effectively complete our submarine cable installation projects using the most qualified personnel equipped with the latest array of specialized marine equipment.

Our on-staff resources, fabrication team, and extensive inventory of state-of-the-art installation equipment allow us to start operations immediately and to complete submarine cable installation projects on time and on budget.

The DCS philosophy of modular equipment design allows us to mobilize and perform anywhere a project is planned. Based in Missouri, our performance in the fields of fiber cable and submarine power cable installation is recognized both nationally and internationally.

  • High Voltage, Medium Voltage and Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  • Shore End Installation
  • Survey
  • Global Shore-end Cable Installation.
  • Telecom/Power Cables Inspections & Reporting (Findings & Recommendations)
  • Telecom/Power Cables Maintenances.
  • Telecom/Power Cables Stabilization & Protection (Shore-ends, Articulated Pipes).
  • Cable & Pipelines Burial
  • Underwater Video & Photography Inspection Reports
  • Diving fleet and cable installation dive support.
  • Support for new cable installations, rerouting of cable systems and civil works.
  • Global Remedial Works, cable suspensions & pinning.
  • Vessel support of submarine cables.
  • Design and development of landing points and beach joints.
  • Power Grounding Unit (PGU) and all shore equipment provider.


DCS Client Representation provides clients with a qualified representative on-board the survey, installation vessels and shore based operations. Client Representatives are available on a 24 hour basis to observe the operations, and a Daily Progress Report is prepared and delivered to the client with observations and recommendations. Daily Progress Reports are retained in the cloud-based Dashboard as a proprietary system implementation database for later retrieval and archival during O&M of the system.

We provide owner’s representative support during the development of final system engineering, and supervise marine and terrestrial surveys, civil works, wet and dry plant manufacturing, and marine and terrestrial installation.

We are BOSIET/T-BOSIET trained with appropriate TWIC vetting. 
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