Commercial diving industry

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DCS commercial divers can place concrete, weld, cut, grout, dredge, jet and accomplish any work required in the most austere conditions.

Our divers specialize in zero-visibility / high current conditions and use state-of-the-art equipment to carry out quality work safely

We can provide dive systems and teams to work in a wide range of depths; from surface air to mixed gas diving.

Marine Capabilities

Inland Capabilities

Submarine Cable Landing

Submarine Cable Burial and Protection

Hand Jetting Services

Video Survey Services

Dive Inspection

New Marine Construction


Underwater Burning

Top side welding and fabrication

Aiding Coffer Dam Installation

commercial diving

Dredging and Silt Removal

Traveling Screen Repairs

Invasive Species Remediation

Trash Rack Repair and Cleaning

Intake Crib Inspection, Construction and Repair

Pipeline Inspection, Repair and Construction

Heavy Equipment Operation

Oil and Gas Work

Marine Management

Client Rep

We also partner with other preferred contractors to provide a turnkey product for you ensuring the highest quality work and cost-effective delivery. We can provide dive systems and teams to work in a wide range of depths from surface air to mixed gas diving, as well as Client Representation services & Marine management.
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